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Advanced modes of transport have made the world a very small place indeed. The time modern man needs to travel from one place to another is reducing every day. The reasons for travel are varied but the common factor is the need for comfort and speed in reaching one’s destination. The number of times people travel has also gone up. Whether it is local, national or international travel, and whatever be the means of transport, the need for a taxi is ubiquitous. One could need a taxi to go, to and from the air port, the railway station, the bus station, or the harbor, to continue one’s onward journey. People also need a taxis for travel within the city for various reasons. Then there are those who travel by taxis to most places, however far, because they fear travelling by air or water. Therefore whatever be one’s need, everyone does need to book a taxis some time or the other. Sometimes when a person is in hurry, unwell, is a tourist, travelling to a new place for business, education or to get medical treatment and even the elderly, do find it difficult to go about booking a taxi. Whatever the task one needs to get done, it always helps to have and follow a system. This helps to get things done properly, so that one is always organised, confident and smart too. Therefore it is important to keep a few essential tips in mind, to make taxis booking a simple task, no matter where you are and what your budget.

Most tasks one needs to get done have become very simple with the coming of the internet. This is one invention which has helped make life very simple. The internet can also be used to book a taxi well in advance and with the least amount of difficulty. In fact it is always advisable to do an advanced survey of the place one wants to visit and check out the various means of transport, the price and convenience of each. Most times one can find sites which help one calculate the taxi rates or fares, which are estimates, carefully calculated based on local taxi fare, rates and actual taxi fare prices. Many such Taxi sites have support for many cities in a country and even cities in many parts of the world. Such Taxis sites are useful to most travelers but especially for occasional travelers who tend to be more gullible. Such sites have a step by step approach to help you understand the estimated fare you will be paying.
1. The first step is to enter the place of your destination. Most sites also give one the option, of getting an estimate in GBP And dollar terms for any city that is not listed on the site.
2. The next step would be to mention your pick up point and the place where you need to be dropped. Alternatively some sites can also mention the POI or point of interest in the city, one would want to see, to get an estimate of how much one will be spending on sightseeing.
3. The final step is the site calculating the fare for you.

Apart from this one also has the option of using the Free Taxi Magic app which is a system that uses electronic taxi booking, available nationwide in America. This is the first online taxi booking service that is directly integrated into taxi dispatch systems. This eliminates the need for a phone call. The way to go about using the Taxi Magic app is:

1.Based on your location, search for taxis.
2.Book the taxis with a few taps.
3.Using dispatch updates and a map view one can track the arrival of a taxi.
4.One can use a credit card to pay for the ride or ask for an e-receipt.
This facility is available with more than 65 leading taxi fleets, in about 40 major American cities, with tap-to-call fleets in 4,000 cities in England America and Canada. The best feature of Taxi Magic app and booking service is that the service is provided free of cost. There is a nominal charge of $1.50 which is a documentation fee, charged only in case the client wants to pay for the taxi ride with a credit card, using the app and receive an e-receipt.

Other issues to keep in mind are, whether you are travelling with children, elderly people or do you need special help for disabled people. Most companies do consider all these when catering to their clients. In fact some even offer free transfer for disabled people and bucket seats for infants. Another aspect one should keep in mind and inform the driver well in advance, is the luggage one will be carrying. Is it normal traveler’s luggage or sports equipment, medical equipment or anything else that will need a lot of space? Some taxi fleets provide free upgrade if one does not inform them about having a large amount of luggage but that is not always guaranteed.  Therefore it is always wise to inform about the amount of luggage when completing your Taxi, Minibus Executive Car Or Limousine booking formalities.

To keep costs down one can also opt for shared taxis service. In case you are travelling in a group then the best option you could take would be a minibus or a coach. If one is not too worried about cost then the option can be a private taxi. If one wants to make a style statement or if the occasion demands it, then one can also book a Limousine. When travelling to foreign countries it is always advisable to ensure that you book a driver who can speak English. If one is a frequent traveler it would be wise to subscribe to the newsletter of one of the sites which offer taxi booking services to avail of special discounts.

One should always ensure that one has a confirmed booking before the date of travel. This is especially important if the traveler is a woman, or one has children travelling with them, if there’s a pregnant lady travelling, elderly person, disabled people or one has a lot of luggage to carry along. Last but not the least, always inform a friend or a relative about your travel plans.



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